In the media

25th of January 2024
Et skærmbillede af Føjletons hjemmeside

I spoke with Emma from Føjleton about my experience buying a property in Denmark. At the time I had lived here over 5 years, which means I no longer had to seek permission to purchase a property, however I did not have permanent residency. It is not a requirement to have PR, however many banks use the lack of it as a reason to reject application of a home loan, or demand much higher deposits or rates than they would to Danish citizens. (Danish)

14th of January 2024

With the abdication of Queen Margrethe II and the proclamation of King Frederik X, many media outlets particularly in Australia were eager for the perspective of Australians living in Denmark on welcoming a new Australian born Queen Mary. I had the pleasure of appearing live on Go’morgen Danmark together with two other Australians. I also had a live video call with Sky News and the Today Show in Australia, and spoke with Channel 7 and Channel 10. Additionally I spoke with a few journalists who were writing articles about the proclamation.

Four screenshots of appearances on Go'morgen Danmark, the Today Show in Australia, Sky News Australia and Channel 7 News Australia
2nd of March 2023

I spoke with Radio4 about my love for Denmark, and my thoughts on a political party’s unreasonable suggestion that a yearly limit is set on the amount of applications for Danish citizenship. (Danish)

11th of June 2021
A screenshot of the article on The Local's website, showing the article title and a photo of people attending a citizenship ceremony

On behalf of Fair Statsborgerskab! I wrote an opinion piece for The Local regarding the 2021 changes to citizenship rules in Denmark, criticising the authorities focus on criminality when annoucning the changes, despite the vast majority of changes affecting students, young people, nurses etc. (English)

9th of June 2021

I had an interview with Respons about the 2021 changes to citizenship rules in Denmark, which introduced new restrictions impacting my journey to Danish citizenship. The interview is no longer available on the Respons website, but a citation and reference to the article is displayed on Fair Statsborgerskabs website. (Danish)

Side profile of Drew Fremlev Fisher and a separate portrait of a young woman, combined into one photo with multiple copies of a Danish passport cover covering both
19th of June 2018
A screenshot of the article on The Local's website, showing the article title and a photo of Drew Fremlev Fisher

I had a chat with The Local about moving to Denmark and some of my thoughts on adapting to life in the country. (English)